About HAUS

Born Makers

As digital craftsmen trained and tested in the fires of production, we were born to make. We’re high output and low maintenance. Each member of our tight-knit, diverse team of craftsmen, designers and tinkerers understands that his or her contribution can mean the difference between work headed for greatness and accolades or the overpopulated plains of mediocrity. We set the bar high in all facets of our work. This is what it means to be Made in HAUS.

HAUS is a Los Angeles-based design and technology studio that helps some of the world's most influential companies reach a connected generation. We provide the right mix of design and technology to create groundbreaking digital experiences that consistently garner top awards.

Owned and operated by its partners since 2007, HAUS has been recognized as an industry innovator that knows how to "harness the magic of online". Our work has been recognized by MTV, New York Times, Mashable, TheFWA and TechCrunch— but all of that pales in comparison to the joy we get from seeing someone interact with our work with a giant smile on their face.

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