QA Tester (Manual)

Los Angeles, California, United States · QA


HAUS is an award winning Los Angeles based firm that provides strategy, design, content and technology services. That includes brand identity, websites/platforms, mobile apps, marketing/influence campaigns and interactive installations.

QA is an integral part of HAUS process. Working closely with our design and development teams, we test every work product that leaves our doors. We sit in at every stage of the process, giving feedback on UX and designs, then testing early prototypes in development. Before any product is shipped, the product will have seen everything it will face in the real world - and then some. At our core, we are a creative company - so while your bleeding edge technical skills are needed and appreciated, you also need to have a love for pixel pushing, color gradients and animated transitions. You are a person who knows the difference between Safari and Chrome, knows what to look for when you share on social media, and have a clear understanding of responsive sites and how to approach that testing. If you’re adept at using both sides of your brain, have an insatiable curiosity, and love contributing to a talented team, drop us a note.

We’re looking for motivated candidates who can lead teams of QA testers through various types of digital and interactive projects, websites and applications. Candidates should have a strong understanding of different operating systems. The ideal candidate has an eager personality that does not wait for next steps to be given to them, but is capable of leading the charge independently and testing along side their team. No scripts needed for our testing, everything IS tested manually by a person sitting in front of a desktop, tablet or mobile device.





At HAUS, we help brands reach a connected generation by creating experiences and services across all channels digital. We're multi-cultured and clicker-happy individuals experienced from working with the world’s most interesting, innovative and digitally savvy brands.

Google named us a company who knows how to ‘harness the magic of online’. We've been recognized for our work by MTV, New York Times, Mashable, TheFWA and TechCrunch. We’re the first-ever to unite Aol, Google and Yahoo’s combined online reach in streaming the Presidential Debates- but all of that still pales in comparison to the joy we get from seeing someone interact with our work with a giant smile on their face.

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